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An Overview On How To Get Big Like CT Fletcher

Editors note: Due to the huge amount of questions I get every day, I decided to write an article on how to get huge like CT Fletcher. To your success…

So, in my previous article I wrote about the most favorite exercises from CT Fletcher yet many people ask me if there is a specific program that they can follow week by week to achieve more results. Well, I came across a special program, see the video below. I had some doubts in the start but it seems to be the best selling guide on the market, as we speak!

I’ve heard many positive results from folks who have done this. But at the same time, the bodybuilding community may not be ready for this yet, as it is very new.

CT Fletcher Movie

Please check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

What Does CT Fletcher think of 30 Minute Abs?

CT Fletcher has to have some of the funniest internet ramblings of all time when it comes to the body building community. Most body builders are straight forward, calm and usually have a boring personality. CT Fletcher however combines the image of the Hulk with the attitude of Samuel L Jackson. In any of his videos, you can probably hear a combination of “muthafucka” and “bullshit” quite a few times.


So it’s no surprise that he has quite a colorful opinion of 30 minute ab exercise machines and the people who use them. Not only just the ab work outs but anything promising you results from doing 30 minutes a week worth of work. So is he right when he calls them all BS; are they all just a rip off and waste of time? Well duh… Think about this one for a moment.


  1. If 30 Minute workout exercises were legit and got you ripped, gyms worldwide would go under. Honestly, how many people enjoy going to the gym? If you could stay at home, do 30 minutes worth of work a day but see the results without spending $150 a month and 20 hours a week in a gym, don’t you think people would be doing that?
  2. Not only that, but people would be ripped everywhere. There’d be nothing special about being in shape with rock solid abs and 22 inch arms because if those machines worked, everyone would look like that.
  3. The companies who sold you those products would go under as well. I mean hell, what company in their right mind would sell you a product that worked the first time, especially when their target audience is lazy and desperate out of shape people? No one would have any reason to buy their next product or other products to compliment that product. If those machines worked, that product would be all they needed to get in shape and they’d be done with them.


So WHY to this day, are people still so in love with those machines and all of those gimmicks? Why does CT Fletcher hate and despise the crowd of “30 minute workouts” so much?


They’re Lazy

How often have you heard someone complain that they weren’t living the life they wanted or that they wanted something? I’m guessing you’ve heard it a lot. Now, how often have you heard that person provide a solution to their problem or tell you what they’re going to do about it? I’m guessing the answer to that would be close to never.


People don’t want solutions to a problem; they want the right to complain about a problem.


They’re Entitled

If history TV shows has showed us anything, it’s that everyone was apparently in magnificent shape by design. Everyone firmly believes that it’s just how people looked back then and no one had to work for anything. What this has done is, created an entitlement mindset and people think they’re owed a body like that, regardless of how bad their diet is or how lazy they are.


There’s no substitute for hard work and all of those 30 minute BS products are designed to make money for fat rich people who own those companies. Ask the CEOs and the owners of the products to use the machines, they’ve probably never stepped foot onto one. 

CT Fletcher Cardio

One thing that a lot of power lifters and body builders tend to cut out or slack on, is their cardio. Is cardio absolutely necessary? Well, it’s definitely a healthy decision to make because it’ll improve your heart and your lungs by a substantial amount but is it really necessary for body building?


Isn’t Cardio Great For Fat Loss Though?

Well, yes it is but it’s not the best tool for combating fat loss. If you have an excess amount of fat that you’d like to lose then you don’t need to focus on cardio so much as you need to focus on your diet. If you spend all this time doing cardio exercises to lose weight but then stuff your face with the highest amount of calorie consumption food you can find, you’re just reversing the process.


Cardio is better for your interior health such as your heart and your lungs. You’ll definitely live longer off cardio and that’s not to say that people haven’t lost weight doing nothing but cardio. A lot of bicyclists who travel long distances are really skinny. That’s because they mostly drink water, they cut out of all the sugars and disgusting crap that’s in cola products and a lot of them eat healthy diets.


CT Fletcher’s Cardio Routine


  1. Boxing/Martial Arts – Whether it’s hitting the heavy bags or street bags, CT Fletcher used to be into boxing before he got into body building. He says he likes to regularly train in boxing when not body building because it’s something he loves to do and he believes that boxing is one of the best forms of cardio. He’s also stated that he enjoys cardio because if one of the “young muthafuckas” mistakes him for some old has been who can’t throw down, he’d love to show them wrong.
  2. Wind Sprints – This isn’t something he does as often as boxing but wind sprints are a highly effective way at building up your lung capacity and doing cardio in an effective amount of time. Not a lot of people like to run long distance jogs or do those 5k marathons, so that’s why there are wind sprints. These sprints were designed to go as quick as you can over a short distance, to rest a little and to do it again. Short bursts for running are highly effective and can save you a lot of time over a 3 hour jog.


Is Cardio Even Worth The Effort And Hassle?

It really depends on what you’re trying to do and how much time you have available to train. If you do absolutely no cardio what so ever, then you can be a rock solid tank but be completely out of shape. If you’re just trying to bulk up and you really could care less about your lungs/heart, then ignore cardio completely. It’s always a good idea to do some form of cardio though for your own personal health. CT Fletcher doesn’t focus mostly on cardio but even he realizes the importance of doing it every once in a while. One for personal health and one for knocking people out if he needs to. 

CT Fletcher Steroid Accusations

Whether you’ve seen it on Reddit or other popular social media outlets, people everywhere have accused CT Fletcher time and time again of being on steroids. I’ve seen all kinds of marketing accusations ranging from the following:


Random Internet Quotes (Mostly from Reddit/Body Building/Misc)

There’s no way he’s not on steroids. No one can naturally achieve results like that.”

The human body can’t process muscles like that without some kind of illegal substance help.”

CT Fletcher is just an internet rambler who wants attention. I’d love to see what kind of steroids he’s taking.”


Why do so many people think just because a person is big, they’re on steroids? What ever happened to people working hard for their goals and achieving results at the hands of dedication and hard work? Everyone’s looking for the easy way out and no one wants to actually work towards something and earn something.


So, the question today we’re here to answer is, is it physically possible for CT Fletcher not to be on steroids? The answer is absolutely and you’re devoted enough to finding out if he’s a liar, then go find him and drug test him. He has openly said numerous times that he was drug tested throughout his power lifting career and he’s more than willing to submit to a drug test. So why is it that when so many people see people like CT Fletcher or other abnormally fit humans, they automatically assume that they’re abusing drugs or steroids?


You’ve Been Fooled By The Media & Hollywood

When you watch any movie or TV show, there’s beautiful people everywhere. No one wants to watch ugly people run around half naked for an hour and a half chasing a group of bad guys and no one wants to watch a romantic comedy about ugly people. The guys in a lot of these shows and movies are physically fit. What is the first thing the tabloids go to when they try to guess how they did it?


Well, obviously, this actor got fit off steroids. Even the media knows that infomercial products are BS and never gives them credit, so instead of attributing their body to hard work and dedication, it makes for a more attention grabbing headline to say they’re abusing steroids. People continue to watch and believe these allegations making them think that everyone who’s physically fit is abusing something illegal.


You’ve Been Fooled By Marketing Companies

If there’s one thing that steroid companies are great at doing, it’s marketing. To be honest, the only products out there on the market that are legal, only give you an energy boost. Even most of those never work for most people; they just make you more alert and a bit more focused on what you’re doing, but with a lot of those products come that crash that leaves you drowsy.


Marketing companies spend all day and hire six figure salary executives to figure out how to sell you more crap and to make you believe what they’re saying. Yes, they’re lying, but they’re also paying an abnormal amount of taxes from sales so no one cares that they’re lying.


Whether it’s because of marketing tactics, the media or people just trying to bring others down, not as many people abuse steroids as you think.


CT Fletcher Overtraining Advice

Want to start an argument between the body building and the power lifting community? Just mention the word “overtraining” and watch the chaos between two groups ensue. It’s kind of like walking into any other venue of the internet and mentioning anything to do with politics. People love arguing on the internet but overtraining in particular is one of the most debated topics out there because it’s incredibly hard to prove or disprove.


What Is Overtraining?


Overtraining is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when your body can’t take anymore and you’ve trained yourself out to no longer get results out of any more work for the day. Some people believe that your body has an internal or set limit as to how much it can process. If you go over that limit and continue to work out, your body won’t see any results from it and all of your time spent training over that limit will be wasted.


What Does CT Fletcher Have To Say About Overtraining?


You know how CT Fletcher is; he calls out the BS like he sees it in a very raw fashion. He doesn’t like to sugar coat anything and tells everything like it is. CT Fletcher believes that overtraining isn’t actually a thing and it doesn’t exist. He states that it’s a mindset and it applies per person rather than to everyone all at once. People who argue for overtraining state that it applies to everyone and there’s a certain limit that everyone can take when it comes to personal fitness progression on a daily basis.


CT Fletcher however disagrees with this and says that it’s all a mental mindset. What most people would call overtraining and overdoing it, CT Fletcher calls another normal workout. A day to day basis work out for that man is what most people would call overtraining.


People just don’t train hard enough” – CT Fletcher


It makes sense in a theory. When you’re tired, your body doesn’t want to work anymore and you stop working out. Is that the most effective way to achieve results though? No kidding your body doesn’t want to work out anymore and your mentality goes down when you’re tired, that’s because your body is only used to doing so much. However, how can you ever improve if you don’t constantly push yourself past those limits? How will you improve your body’s tolerance for working out?


But I’m sore”


Well that sucks. Everyone gets sore, especially when they haven’t worked out in a long period of time. Being sore is an amazing feeling and it’s good for the body, believe it or not. A good workout sore means that your muscles are growing and that your body is adjusting.


When The Results Stop Coming In


If you’ve been following this trend of overtraining and you stop when your body becomes tired or sore, then you’ll probably notice that results stop coming in. When you’re not seeing any personal results, you need to look at your diet or your training routine. You can’t achieve results unless your body is being pushed past the limits that it’s used to.

CT Fletcher Advice to Powerlifters

No idea who CT Fletcher is? He’s the real deal when it comes to heavy weight lifting and power lifting. While he no longer competes for power lifting at a worldwide level, he holds six world titles in the powerlifting category and now has dominated the body building scene as well. Despite what internet haters think, he didn’t achieve his results from drugs, info products, any kind of surgery or wizard voodoo, it was all from hard work and dedication.


If there’s a man who can offer solid advice on raising your mentality and improving your performance at a power lifting event, it’s CT Fletcher


You all look like sheep to me!” – CT Fletcher


The first step when you enter a room is to raise the level of mentality you have. If you walk into a room thinking, “oh man, these guys are huge, there’s no way I’ll be able to compete with them”, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. The idea behind this mentality stroking is to make yourself believe that you are the man and you are the boss of the room. Everyone was waiting on you to arrive.


He goes on and on about making yourself believe that you are the King Alpha of the room in a power lifting video he put out, but the summary is simple: If you can make yourself believe that you’re better than all the people already in that room and that you are the alpha of the room, you will improve your performance. It’s a psychological factor that when you’re intimidated by the people around you, your performance dwindles.


When you’re not intimidated and you believe everyone is looking up to you, you’re pressured to perform better and your results will show it.


Your body can never be stronger than your mind” – CT Fletcher


Truth be told, behind any great body is a great mind. With any work out, you need the mental strength and capacity to harness such results. The psyche behind a great work out and a competition is what wins it for a lot of people. Everyone at a power lifting event is strong; it’s kind of why they’re there in the first place. However, who wants to win more? Who is more excited and more psyched mentally to dominate everyone there?


You Only Get One Shot


When you powerlift, you only get one shot at a competition. You don’t get any do overs, you don’t get to do it again if you don’t perform as well as you want to, which is why you really have to make sure you’re prepared to step up to the plate when you get up there. When you think about power lifting and life, you only get one shot, so why would you want to half-ass it?


When you step up to the plate, you want to be mentally prepared. You are ALREADY physically prepared but if you’re not mentally prepared, you will fail. One of the best things to remember is that you can’t fail until you give up completely. 

CT Fletcher vs. Powerlifter

With everything and person that is popular, there’s bound to be people out there that want to start trouble and people who will hate you just because of your success. There are no exceptions to this rule, EVERYTHING that becomes popular gains enemies just because of the fact it’s popular. Not long ago, CT Fletcher found himself on the receiving end of this.


Now, while CT Fletcher has had many anonymous enemies of discussion boards, body building videos and body building forums, this one was a very particular case. The individual who started the video won’t be named but he was a widely popular power lifter who decided to call out CT Fletcher and basically tell him that everything he spouts off is a lie.


Was he looking for attention? Did he just want more people to come to his channel to rack up the views? Or maybe, is it just the way of life on the internet? Right after CT Fletcher saw this video, he immediately created a response, with badass style.


CT Fletcher’s Response To The Power Lifter


He starts off with a video acknowledging that he’s seen the video and that he was asked not to respond to it. While he didn’t exactly take that advice well, he did play it off smartly because he refused to name off the person who had made the video in the first place.


If this guy’s plan was to rack up more views and subscribers by targeting CT Fletcher, well he made a mistake, because that didn’t exactly work. That’s how most rivalry’s work. When one person finds they have an enemy, they share banter back and forth on the internet and keep naming each other off. Both sides gain the same amount of attention and fans backing them up. With CT Fletcher keeping his name in the dark, that kind of leaves him at the minority.


CT Fletcher’s Motivation – “Just do what you can do


He makes videos just to inspire minds, get people off of the couch and achieve fitness results. He never asks for anything in return. Do you know how hard it is (especially today) to find someone on the internet willing to give advice away that wasn’t trying to sell you some over hyped product or some marketing BS jargon?


The Power Lifter YouTube Channel Gets Deleted


It wasn’t long after making that video, that CT Fletcher’s internet audience quickly started flagging that video and every other single video on that account. Not long after, the entire YouTube account that started uploading those videos was removed.


Why is that?


  • It could have been because he was promoting the use of steroids
  • It could have been his foul language (he was way worse than CT Fletcher)
  • It could have been how racist/homophobic he appeared to have been in some of his videos


This is the same power lifter who appeared as the roid rager on the popular Comedy Central television show, Tosh.0.


At the end of the day, CT Fletcher handled the drama like a boss, ignored his request for attention, addressed him for the punk that he was and he became internet history with no trace of him and nothing to show for his rant. 

CT Fletcher Inspiration

Let’s talk about the youth of American and the youth of the world in that respect. Popular underground power lifter (The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of) CT Fletcher is an inspiration to many.


What Makes Him So Inspirational?


Oh nothing major, just a few quick notes:


  • He’s over 50 years old. When most men hit 50, they buy expensive golf clubs, start plotting out their retirement options and relax.
  • He’s had open heart surgery. Open heart surgery is one of the most dangerous and life threatening surgeries you can have, but that doesn’t stop “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW” CT Fletcher.
  • He used to be just as unmotivated as most of the youth walking around today and feasted on McDonalds for every single meal. When you put 5,000 calories of junk food in your blood stream every single day, it’s bound to do some damage sooner or later.


Is There An Excuse For Not Being Fit Like CT Fletcher?


Why yes there is and there’s only one excuse. That excuse is being dead. The only people who can’t achieve the same level of devotion, dedication and results are people that are dead. Are you dead? If you’re reading this, then chances are, you’re alive and well.


Why Does CT Fletcher Care About The Youth?


Why does anyone care about the youth? Not only does CT Fletcher personally enjoy seeing people achieve the same level of success but he wants to inspire young minds to become something of themselves. He’s not telling people that they HAVE to go out, lift weights, power train and become the hulk monster that he is, but the general message behind all of his ramblings and inspirational talks is simple.


Just go out and do it!”


Whether you want to be a painter, a body builder, a race car driver, an astronaut, a self-made millionaire or whatever you want to be! CT Fletcher’s message is plain black and white: You will never have the results you desire unless you get out there and do it.


This applies to more than just the people who aspire to have rock hard bodies, 6 pack abs and people who want to lift 500 pounds off their chest. This applies to anyone in life with goals, anyone in life with a dream or anyone who doesn’t like where they currently are.


Have you ever seen a bird sitting on a tree branch? One of nature’s smallest and most simplistic creatures, it just sits up there on wires or tree branches. It can fly away and go anywhere it wants to at a moment’s notice. Now, put yourself into the perspective of the bird. Are you content with where you are or do you want to find a new branch? Do you want to fly to somewhere different or are you just going to sit there and be content?


Inspiring the youth is the best hope we have for the future. CT Fletcher knows that these kids will someday possibly run our country and he wants to inspire as many as possible to be doers. CT Fletcher has no products to sell, no marketing gimmicks and no “please sign up to my “ BS tactics, he only has knowledge to share, and that’s what makes him so special. 

CT Fletcher Knowledge

Gather round everyone, if you’re one of the people described in the title of this article, then it’s probably for you. CT Fletcher has given many interviews and many motivational speeches to the masses of unmotivated and lazy individuals who want results but they just don’t want to work for them. While many people don’t particularly care for CT Fletcher’s method of inspiration (usually includes anywhere from 10 to 100 curse words per couple of minutes), it’s actually most effective this way.


One of the easiest and best ways to motivate the unmotivated is to simply curse at them. Hugs and kisses won’t get them off of their asses and start working towards their goals; they’ll simply say thanks and continue doing what they do.


Does Anything Ever Change?


I want you to personally ask yourself that if anything has changed. Has anything changed in the past month, past couple of months or past year? Have YOU personally seen yourself climbing towards any of your fitness goals or progressing at all?


If you answered no to that question, it’s more than likely because…


  • You don’t want the physical form you desire badly enough.
  • You’re lazy.
  • You’re not motivated enough to actually get up, go out and go for the results you want.


Who cares, CT Fletcher is just a steroid raging internet fad.”


I’ve seen comments like this a lot. There are two main problems with this argument.


  1. CT Fletcher has never done steroids. Can you achieve results if you do steroids long enough? Sure, if you do the right ones with the right work out and diet. However, people don’t realize the long term effects of these steroids. You’d be in a healthier state eating Taco Bell for every single meal rather than taking steroids.
  2. All you’re doing is giving yourself yet another excuse to not do anything about achieving your goals. I’ve seen it on many forums and discussion boards, people are always giving themselves excuses. If calling CT Fletcher a roid rager is your excuse to not work out, maybe you’re beyond saving.


Some People Don’t Want To Change


This is a sad reality and a truth. To be honest, some people are content with where they are in their lives and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, what irks me is when people who are supposedly content with where they are in life constantly complain about not having the body they want or not being more attractive to women.


I hate to tell you this, but women love rock hard bodies just as much as men love smooth and sexy bodies.


Some people are more content with complaining rather than actually doing something about it and that’s exactly what CT Fletcher is trying to say. Some people would rather sit at home, watch infomercials and wait for some miracle product that promises to lose weight for them then buy it and be disappointed.


I’ve been in the marketing business and that’s what it is. It’s just an endless circle of selling products to lazy people who never intend to actually use the products. STOP BEING LAZY AND GO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

CT Fletcher – No Secret to Success

When you think of success, what does that mean for you? What exactly do YOU want? Success is something that is earned, not given away like a prize out of a raffle. However, the times have changed, the generations have changed and success seems to be valued far less than it used to be.


If you’re someone who’s struggling to get the looks they desire or you’re simply a couch potato, try comparing yourself to CT Fletcher. Next to that man, there’s nearly no reason that you can’t be doing what he’s doing. This is a man who is well past his prime in his 50s, someone who has had open heart surgery because McDonalds used to be his go to meal every single day and someone who’s living on multiple medications every single day so he can survive.


What Is The Secret To Success?


That’s the problem; everyone wants to know the secret or the one-fix-all solution to a problem. Do you want to know a secret, to not only weight training or bulking up but most problems in general? Most problems in life (especially the complicated ones) usually have a rather simple solution. It’s your mind that makes them complicated, but from an outsider’s perspective, the solutions are usually rather simple.


You Complicate Your Path To Success


If you’re unmotivated, lazy and just sitting on your couch hoping that some miracle product will come out or that some commercial will teach you the secrets to obtaining abs, then all you’re doing is prolonging your own success and making excuses. CT Fletchers has a motto around his area (alright, well he has many mottos) but one of them is “no excuses” and my personal favorite “I command you to grow”!


Yes, that even means you. You, sitting on the couch or in your favorite chair, reading this article and forming blood clots in your legs are the reason you haven’t reached your personal goal yet. If you give every single person a reason for why they haven’t reached their goal other than themselves, they’re always going to go to that fallback and blame it on that excuse.


Stop Being Sold – You’ve Been Fooled


I hate to tell you this, but all those $19.99, $29.99 and $49.99 infomercial products are garbage. I can vouch for some of the products I’ve seen online but worthwhile products are incredibly difficult to find and the results are minimal.


There is no secret to getting 6-pack abs or a solid rock body. Do you honestly think the actors they hired for those commercials got the body they have using those machines? Hell no! They basically put out a casting call, pay physically fit actors a few hundred dollars to smile and work out on their machine and call it a day.


That’s another thing I hate about those commercials. Why the hell are they always smiling when working out? You’re doing it wrong if you’re smiling and you’re not feeling the pain and burn of growth. To summarize it all up, there is NO secret to obtaining success and a physically fit figure. You just have to get out there and start working your ass off and stop relying on these marketers and infomercials to do it for you.

How CT Fletcher Built 22 Inch Arms

If there’s one thing CT Fletcher is well known and popular for (besides his internet ramblings and excessive language), it’s his monster Hulk like arms. How exactly does a human being who does no drugs what so ever become so jacked and build arms like that? The work out is actually relatively simple but it takes a lot of dedication. It’s called Armed Warfare around the area he’s in and the warm up has a lot of steps but it’s highly effective.


Warming Up With Armed Warfare


Step 1) Triceps Pushdown – 10 steps of 10 reps

Step 2) Standing Biceps Cable Curl – 10 sets of 10 reps

Step 3) One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – You’ll want to do 2 sets of this exercise and you’ll want to do them until you reach failure, every single time

Step 4) French Curl – 4 sets of these and you’ll do them until failure, every single set

Step 5) T-Curl – 2 sets until you reach failure, every set

Step 6) 2-Position Dumbbell Kickback – 2 sets of 40 reps (do this per arm)

Step 7) 3-Position Chin-Up – 1 set of 30 reps

Step 8) Under-Bar Triceps Extension – Do 2 sets until you reach muscle failure

Step 9) Triceps Gauntlet – Do just 1 set of 200 repetitions


Additional Tips And Helpful Pointers From CT Fletcher


Triceps Cable Pull-Down & Biceps Cable Curl

This should be your beginner work out and used to pump up your arms and start feeling a little burn. These repetitions should be busted out relatively quickly to get a good pre-workout pump going and the weights should gradually increase from the person helping you.


The reason you have a buddy or friend pick your weight for you is that CT Fletcher believes that people go too easy on themselves. However, when a friend is picking the weights for you, they’re far more likely to push your limits and to give you a better workout.


The 3 Position Chin Up

When you perform a chin up, the optimal way to do this exercise is in three different various positions. First, you’ll want to use a very wide grip, then a normal grip and a close grip. Also, remember to make sure your palms are facing towards you because you want the maximum amount of effort being focused on your biceps.


After you’ve done only 30 repetitions (10 reps in each position), you’ll definitely be regretting having arms but you’ll love that after burn.


Under-Bar Triceps Extension

If you make and push yourself to this portion of the armed warfare exercise, then CT Fletcher personally promises that this exercise will drop you and make you quit. The exercise is simple: Take a steady fixed barbell, lean off of the barbell and make sure your head goes under it to get the full effect of the work out. If you want that extra weight and challenge, try to narrow your grip instead of using a wide grip.


You may not achieve 22-inch arms or you may achieve even larger arms, but this is definitely one kick ass pump up arm work out that you’ll want to give a shot if you want to feel the burn.