CT Fletcher Advice to Powerlifters

CT Fletcher Advice to Powerlifters

No idea who CT Fletcher is? He’s the real deal when it comes to heavy weight lifting and power lifting.

While he no longer competes for powerlifting at a worldwide level, he holds six world titles in the powerlifting category and now has dominated the bodybuilding scene as well.

Despite what internet haters think, he didn’t achieve his results from drugs, info products, any surgery or wizard voodoo; it was all from hard work and dedication.

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If there’s a man who can offer solid advice on raising your mentality and improving your performance at a power lifting event, it’s CT Fletcher

You all look like sheep to me!” – CT Fletcher

The first step when you enter a room is to raise the level of mentality you have.

If you walk into a room thinking,“Oh man, these guys are huge, there’s no way I’ll be able to compete with them,” then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The idea behind this mentality stroking is to make yourself believe that you are the man, and you are the boss of the room.

Everyone was waiting for you to arrive.

He goes on and on about making yourself believe that you are the King Alpha of the room in a powerlifting video he put out, but the summary is simple:

If you can make yourself believe that you’re better than all the people already in that room and that you are the alpha of the room, you will improve your performance.

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It’s a psychological factor that when you’re intimidated by the people around you, your performance dwindles.

When you’re not intimidated, and you believe everyone is looking up to you, you’re pressured to perform better, and your results will show it.

Your body can never be stronger than your mind” – CT Fletcher

Truth be told, behind any great body is a great mind. With any workout, you need the mental strength and capacity to harness such results.

The psyche behind a great workout and competition is what wins it for a lot of people.

Everyone at a power lifting event is strong; it’s kind of why they’re there in the first place.

However, who wants to win more? Who is more excited and more psyched mentally to dominate everyone there?

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You Only Get One Shot

When you power lift, you only get one shot at a competition.

You don’t get any do-overs; you don’t get to do it again if you don’t perform as well as you want to, which is why you have to make sure you’re prepared to step up to the plate when you get up there.

When you think about powerlifting and life, you only get one shot, so why would you want to half-ass it?

When you step up to the plate, you want to be mentally prepared.

You are ALREADY physically prepared, but if you’re not mentally prepared, you will fail. One of the best things to remember is that you can’t fail until you give up completely.


CT Fletcher Overtraining Advice

CT Fletcher Overtraining Advice

Overtraining Advice

Want to start an argument between the body building and the powerlifting community? Just mention the word “overtraining” and watch the chaos between two groups ensue.

It’s kind of like walking into any other venue of the internet and mentioning anything to do with politics.

People love arguing on the web but overtraining, in particular, is one of the most debated topics out there because it’s incredibly hard to prove or disprove.

Overtraining Advice
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What Is Overtraining?

Overtraining is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when your body can’t take anymore, and you’ve trained yourself out to no longer get results out of any more work for the day.

Some people believe that your body has an internal or set limit as to how much it can process.

If you go over that limit and continue to work out, your body won’t see any results from it and all of your time spent training over that limit will be wasted.

Overtraining Advice
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What Does CT Fletcher Have To Say About Overtraining?

You know how CT Fletcher is; he calls out the BS as he sees it in a very raw fashion.

He doesn’t like to sugar-coat anything and tells everything as it is.

CT Fletcher believes that overtraining isn’t a thing, and it doesn’t exist. He states that it’s a mindset, and it applies per person rather than to everyone all at once.

Individuals who argue for the overtraining declare that it applies to everyone, and there’s a certain limit that everyone can take when it comes to personal fitness progression on a daily basis.

CT Fletcher, however, disagrees with this and says that it’s all a mental mindset.

What most people would call overtraining and overdo it, CT Fletcher calls another regular workout.

A day to day basis work out for that man is what most people would call overtraining.

Overtraining Advice
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People just don’t train hard enough” – CT Fletcher

It makes sense in theory. When you’re tired, your body doesn’t want to work anymore, and you stop working out.

Is that the most efficient way to achieve results, though? No kidding your body doesn’t want to work out anymore, and your mentality goes down when you’re tired, that’s because your body is only used to doing so much.

However, how can you ever improve if you don’t always push yourself past those limits? How will you improve your body’s tolerance for working out?

But I’m sore.”

Well, that sucks. Everyone gets irritated, especially when they haven’t worked out for an extended period.

Being sore is an amazing feeling, and it’s good for the body, believe it or not.

A good workout sore means that your muscles are growing and that your body is adjusting.

Overtraining Advice
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When The Results Stop Coming In

If you’ve been following this trend of overtraining, and you stop when your body becomes tired or sore, then you’ll probably notice that results stop coming in.

When you do not see any personal results, you need to look at your diet or your training routine. You can’t achieve results unless your body is being pushed past the limits that it’s used to.


CT Fletcher’s Advice On Bicep Training

CT Fletcher’s Advice On Bicep Training

Bicep Training

When you are enrolling in a bodybuilding program, the biceps are essential parts you want to concentrate on.

The reason why most people want to enhance their biceps is that they are the most visible parts that one can see.

The muscles around the biceps have the potential to grow large and can people can notice you when you meet them. You need to follow a few training tips from

Bicep Training
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You need to follow a few training tips from CT Fletcher to help you stay on top of your bicep workout plan.

The triceps form the largest part of your arms, which is why you cannot ignore them if you want to attain the best balance.

If you are focused on achieving the optimal mass of muscles, you should concentrate on lifting heavy objects that will rejuvenate your muscles.

However, there are other things you don’t want to neglect. Remember that excellent or optimal bodybuilding can be achieved through heavy lifting, plenty of calories and the best diet.

Bicep Training
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Therefore, it is recommended that you devote enough time for workout bicep exercises that can help you enhance your arm muscles.

There are numerous exercises that you can do to improve your muscles around the arms, but some are more effective than others.

You can use lat-pull-downs and rows when exercising as you focus on all the muscles of your arms.

If you practice these workout exercises in your body building regimen, you are certainly on the right track toward optimal arm muscles.

Here are the top five ways you can boost your biceps. These exercises can be applied together with other proven workout programs to help create heavy and noticeable arms.
I included a video of CT Fletcher doing a bicep workout.

Bicep Training
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1) Barbell Biceps Curls

These are the foremost exercises that you should begin with as you continue with your regimen.

These exercises are good at overloading those biceps in a way don’t want to miss.

Every aspiring body builder has a different capacity when it comes to lifting strength, so you need to follow the directions of your bicep workout instructor for you to achieve your goal to build the maximum arm muscles ever.

When practicing, you don’t want to slow or cut the movement or pattern of your workout.

You should be keen not to bend backward as you lift the heavy weights upwards.

This is one of the greatest mistakes that most learners commit. Make sure you are exercising your muscles and not your body since you are focused on creating more muscles.

CT Fletcher says that you need to do this exercise more vigorously and not in a controlled manner.

This is because muscles need to be subjected to high-intensity workout for the fibers to respond.

Bicep Training
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2) Incline Dumbbell Curls

You need to consider adding your dumbbell curls. This exercise will help you avoid the mistakes done when exercising the barbell biceps curls.

This exercise allows you to continue with the momentum you started while restricting the movement of your back.

You will begin to feel a great deal of tension when carrying out this exercise, but that should not make you reduce the intensity and speed.

The best way to go is to ensure that you are pushing yourself hard using the lower weight of your arm.

3) Cable Curls

CT Fletcher says that if your goal is to lift your deep tissue muscle fibers, you need to consider cable curls.

This movement has a less stable pattern, so you will need to use your bicep muscles to offer support as you continue to exercise.

This way, you will be targeting the deepest tissues to generate the most of the muscles. Bodybuilders can use rotating cable handles, a rope or a straight bar that allows them to target a particular arm at a time.

Bicep Training
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4) Reverse Grip Rows

You should also incorporate reverse grip rows in your bicep build up. This is because you need to have a balanced bicep as opposed to an imbalanced growth.

The fact that this exercise puts pressure and tension on the muscles of your arms makes you gain sufficient biceps at the end of the training session.

Various aspects will determine the volume of the muscles you will gain. For instance, depending on the tissues you target, you will gain a heavy muscle around the targeted areas.

This is because effort and the nature of exercise determine a number of muscles you gain.

Bicep Training
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5) Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are the final exercises that you should integrate into your workout plan.

These exercises can be done while one is seated. This is the best posture as it limits the movements involved when executing your lifts and allows you to concentrate your exercise on the targeted bicep muscles.

When doing this, you will need to be stable since there are no muscles you can call on when executing this last workout exercise.

According to CT Fletcher, these exercises aim at making sure you exhaust the muscles as you complete your bicep workout program.


An Overview On How To Get Big Like CT Fletcher

An Overview On How To Get Big Like CT Fletcher

Get Big

So, in my previous article I wrote about the most favorite exercises from CT Fletcher yet many people ask me if there is a specific program that they can follow week by week to achieve more results.

Get Big
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Well, I came across a special program, see the video below. I had some doubts in the start but it seems to be the best selling guide on the market, as we speak!

I’ve heard many positive results from folks who have done this. But at the same time, the bodybuilding community may not be ready for this yet, as it is very new.


CT Fletcher Cardio

CT Fletcher Cardio

CT Fletcher Cardio

One thing that a lot of powerlifters and bodybuilders tend to cut out or slack on is their cardio. Is cardio necessary?

Well, it’s a healthy decision to make because it’ll improve your heart and your lungs by a substantial amount but is it necessary for body building?

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Image from BodyBuilders

Isn’t Cardio Great For Fat Loss Through?

Well, yes it is, but it’s not the best tool for combating fat loss. If you have an excess amount of fat that you’d like to lose, then you don’t need to focus on cardio so much as you need to focus on your diet.

If you spend all this time doing cardio exercises to lose weight but then stuff your face with the highest amount of calorie consumption food you can find, you’re just reversing the process.

Cardio is better for your interior health such as your heart and your lungs. You’ll live longer off cardio, and that’s not to say that people haven’t lost weight doing anything but cardio.

A lot of bicyclists who travel long distances are skinny. That’s because they mostly drink water, they cut out of all the sugars and disgusting crap that’s in cola products and a lot of them eat healthy diets.

Image from BodyBuilders
Image from BodyBuilders

CT Fletcher’s Cardio Routine

  1. Boxing/Martial Arts – Whether it’s hitting the heavy bags or street bags, CT Fletcher used to be into boxing before he got into body building.

He says he likes to regularly train in boxing when not bodybuilding because it’s something he loves to do and he believes that boxing is one of the best forms of cardio.

He’s also stated that he enjoys cardio because if one of the “young muthafuckas” mistakes him for some old has been who can’t throw down, he’d love to show them wrong.

  1. Wind Sprints – This isn’t something he does as often as boxing, but wind sprints are a highly effective way of building up your lung capacity and doing cardio in an effective amount of time.

Not a lot of people like to run long distance jogs or do those 5k marathons, so that’s why there are wind sprints.

These sprints were designed to go as quick as you can over a short distance, to rest a little and to do it again. Short bursts for running are highly efficient and can save you a lot of time over a 3-hour jog.

Image from BodyBuilders
Image from BodyBuilders

Is Cardio Even Worth The Effort And Hassle?

It depends on what you’re trying to do and how much time you have available to train.

If you do absolutely no cardio what so ever, then you can be a rock solid tank but be completely out of shape.

If you’re just trying to bulk up, and you really could care less about your lungs/heart, then ignore cardio completely. It’s always a good idea to do some form of cardio though for your personal health.

CT Fletcher doesn’t focus mostly on cardio, but even he realizes the importance of doing it every once in a while.

One for personal health and one for knocking people out if he needs to.