CT Fletcher History

CT Fletcher History

CT Fletcher History

Who Is CT Fletcher?

If you haven’t heard of CT Fletcher, then you more than likely haven’t spent a lot of time in a gym or around bodybuilders, because he’s one of the most notorious and famous builders that there are out there.

Amazingly, while CT Fletcher looks like someone in the prime of his life, he’s 54 years old.

While he was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, it wasn’t long before his family relocated to Southern California.

CT Fletcher History
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He currently resides in Long Beach, California as a personal trainer and holds six world championships for powerlifting under his built.

One of the most interesting facts about Fletcher is that he stays true to the sport and competition, meaning he only trains by hand and has never taken a single drug in his life.

He’s been drug tested three separate times and has always passed.

CT Fletcher Early Life

When CT Fletcher was born, he was native to Little Rock, Arkansas. While it’s not immediately known why the family moved or relocated, but when he was relatively young, he was relocated to Southern California near Compton.

While it’s not immediately known why the family moved or relocated, but when he was relatively young, he was relocated to Southern California near Compton.

He has currently resided in Southern California for over 50 years now and has been inside the gym day in and day out for almost 30 plus years.

Fletcher’s childhood life isn’t exactly the best because he grew up in a very religious home.

CT Fletcher History
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Fletcher was often punished by his father who was overly religious and he’s thankful to this day that he was.

Not that he condones the behavior, but Fletcher has learned a lot of physical and mental toughness from the enduring pain he had to go through growing up in an abusive home.

However, living in Compton did get the best of Fletcher when he was young because he did some time in a correctional facility before he was a well-known name.

While it’s not relatively known what exactly Fletcher was involved in, there was some illegal activity that he doesn’t quite like to mention or talk about to this day.

Instead, he lets the past remain in the past, and he uses his experience to train harder and better.

The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of

This is a name coined by many people who know him, because of his incredibly intimidating physique and his raw age of 54.

CT Fletcher History
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He looks like he’s in the prime of his life and anyone who doesn’t know him would never guess he’s 54.

While he wasn’t immediately popular even during the days of his championships, social media recently has helped significantly improve his popularity.

Social media outlets and internet forums everywhere like to admire his physique and all the things he has accomplished in his lifetime.

One of the things that make him so unique is that he doesn’t buy into the marketing scheme that is supplements or steroids.

He knows how harmful steroids are to your health and he believes supplements are just substitutes for hard work that barely obtain results.

He believes in work for it and earns it philosophy which he has carried through the majority of his life and has landed him to where he is right now.

It’s not uncommon for him to go toe to toe against the younger bodybuilders in the gym and to come out on top.

Some of the younger athletes may underestimate him because of his age, but he always proves them wrong more often than not.

While he may not be officially the world’s strongest man, he has some pretty impressive lifts under his career.

CT Fletcher History
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Medical Troubles

Not all has always been golden because he used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle.

He had to go through open heart surgery in 2005 because he weighed 260 pounds and was endangering himself with the type of food he was eating.

Instead of taking the surgery right away like suggested, CT Fletcher believed in working for his goal and trying to work off those pounds instead but sadly, it made no difference.

He had to undergo the surgery anyways and dropped almost 50 pounds after the surgery.

Not only that, but he fully recovered in two years and had been great ever since.

CT Fletcher says that he blames himself because of the eight meals of McDonalds he was eating almost every single day for over 20 years.

That can take a toll on anyone’s body when you put that stuff in your mouth, and the cholesterol will build up in your arteries.

CT Fletcher’s Career Start
It wasn’t until age 22 that he officially picked up the very first weight. He started powerlifting in 1983 and decided to stop lifting in 1997.

CT Fletcher History
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He won multiple different championships throughout the world and was world renowned throughout the lifting community.

Fletcher’s Great Achievement

The biggest success came in 1995 when he attempted to lift 705 pounds at the Baddest Bench Press in America contest.

He felt that this was the highlight of his career because he tried doing it without the use of any drugs and was against some of the best on the planet.