CT Fletcher Inspiration

CT Fletcher Inspiration

Let’s talk about the youth of American and the young people of the world in that respect. Famous underground power lifter (The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of) CT Fletcher is an inspiration to many.

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What Makes Him So Inspirational?

Oh nothing major, just a few quick notes:

  • He’s over 50 years old. When most men hit 50, they buy expensive golf clubs, start plotting out their retirement options and relax.
  • He’s had open heart surgery. Open heart surgery is one of the most dangerous and life threatening surgeries you can have, but that doesn’t stop “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW” CT Fletcher.
  • He used to be just as unmotivated as most of the youth walking around today and feasted on McDonalds for every single meal.

When you put 5,000 calories of junk food in your blood stream every single day, it’s bound to do some damage sooner or later.

Is There An Excuse For Not Being Fit Like CT Fletcher

Why yes there is, and there’s only one excuse.

That excuse is being dead. The only people who can’t achieve the same level of devotion, dedication and results are people that are dead.

Are you dead? If you’re reading this, then chances are, you’re alive and well.

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Why Does CT Fletcher Care About The Youth?

Why does anyone care about the youth? Not only does CT Fletcher personally enjoy seeing people achieve the same level of success but he wants to inspire young minds to become something of themselves.

He’s not telling people that they HAVE to go out, lift weights, power train and become the hulking monster that he is, but the general message behind all of his ramblings and inspirational talks is simple.

Just go out and do it!”

Whether you want to be a painter, a body builder, a race car driver, an astronaut, a self-made millionaire or whatever you want to be!

CT Fletcher’s message is plain black and white: You will never have the results you desire unless you get out there and do it.

This applies to more than just the people who aspire to have rock hard bodies, six pack abs, and individuals who want to lift 500 pounds off their chest.

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This applies to anyone in life with goals, anyone in life with a dream or anyone who doesn’t like where they currently are.

Have you ever seen a bird sitting on a tree branch? One of nature’s smallest and most simple creatures, it just sits up there on wires or tree branches.

It can fly away and go anywhere it wants to at a moment’s notice. Now, put yourself into the perspective of the bird. Are you content with where you are or do you want to find a new branch?

Do you want to fly to somewhere different or are you just going to sit there and be content?

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Inspiring the youth is the best hope we have for the future. CT Fletcher knows that these kids will someday possibly run our country and he wants to encourage as many as possible to be doers.

CT Fletcher has no products to sell, no marketing gimmicks and no “please sign up to my “ BS tactics, he only has the knowledge to share, and that’s what makes him so unique.