How CT Fletcher Built 22 Inch Arms

Image from BodyBuilders

How CT Fletcher Built 22 Inch Arms

If there’s one thing CT Fletcher is well known and popular for (besides his internet ramblings and excessive language), it’s his monster Hulk-like arms.

How exactly does a human being who does no drugs what so ever become so jacked and build arms like that?

The workout is relatively simple, but it takes a lot of dedication. It’s called Armed Warfare around the area he’s in, and the warm up has a lot of steps but it’s highly effective.

Built 22 Inch Arms
Image from BodyBuilders

Warming Up With Armed Warfare

  • Step 1) Triceps Pushdown – 10 steps of 10 reps
  • Step 2) Standing Biceps Cable Curl – 10 sets of 10 reps
  • Step 3) One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – You’ll want to do two sets of this exercise and you’ll want to do them until you reach failure, every single time
  • Step 4) French Curl – 4 sets of these and you’ll do them until failure, every single set
  • Step 5) T-Curl – 2 sets until you reach failure, every set
  • Step 6) 2-Position Dumbbell Kickback – 2 sets of 40 reps (do this per arm)
  • Step 7) 3-Position Chin-Up – 1 set of 30 reps
  • Step 8) Under-Bar Triceps Extension – Do two sets until you reach muscle failure
  • Step 9) Triceps Gauntlet – Do just 1 set of 200 repetitions

Additional Tips And Helpful Pointers From CT Fletcher

Triceps Cable Pull-Down & Biceps Cable Curl

Built 22 Inch Arms
Image from BodyBuilders

This should be your beginner workout and used to pump up your arms and start feeling a little burn.

These repetitions should be busted out relatively quickly to get a good pre-workout pump going and the weights should gradually increase from the person helping you.

The reason you have a buddy or friend pick your weight for you is that CT Fletcher believes that people go too easy on themselves.

However, when a friend is picking the weights for you, they’re far more likely to push your limits and to give you a better workout.

Built 22 Inch Arms
Image from BodyBuilders

The 3 Position Chin Up

When you perform a chin up, the optimal way to do this exercise is in three different various positions.

First, you’ll want to use a very wide grip, then a normal grip and a close grip.

Also, remember to make sure your palms are facing towards you because you want the maximum amount of effort being focused on your biceps.

After you’ve done only 30 repetitions (10 reps in each position), you’ll be regretting having arms but you’ll love that after burn.

Built 22 Inch Arms
Image from BodyBuilders

Under-Bar Triceps Extension

If you make and push yourself to this portion of the armed warfare exercise, then CT Fletcher personally promises that this exercise will drop you and make you quit.

The exercise is simple: Take a steadily fixed barbell, lean off of the barbell and make sure your head goes under it to get the full effect of the workout. If you want that extra weight and challenge, try to narrow your grip instead of using a wide grip.

You may not achieve 22-inch arms or you may achieve even larger arms, but this is one kick ass pump up arm work out that you’ll want to give a shot if you want to feel the burn.


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