CT Fletcher Overtraining Advice

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CT Fletcher Overtraining Advice

Overtraining Advice

Want to start an argument between the body building and the powerlifting community? Just mention the word “overtraining” and watch the chaos between two groups ensue.

It’s kind of like walking into any other venue of the internet and mentioning anything to do with politics.

People love arguing on the web but overtraining, in particular, is one of the most debated topics out there because it’s incredibly hard to prove or disprove.

Overtraining Advice
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What Is Overtraining?

Overtraining is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when your body can’t take anymore, and you’ve trained yourself out to no longer get results out of any more work for the day.

Some people believe that your body has an internal or set limit as to how much it can process.

If you go over that limit and continue to work out, your body won’t see any results from it and all of your time spent training over that limit will be wasted.

Overtraining Advice
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What Does CT Fletcher Have To Say About Overtraining?

You know how CT Fletcher is; he calls out the BS as he sees it in a very raw fashion.

He doesn’t like to sugar-coat anything and tells everything as it is.

CT Fletcher believes that overtraining isn’t a thing, and it doesn’t exist. He states that it’s a mindset, and it applies per person rather than to everyone all at once.

Individuals who argue for the overtraining declare that it applies to everyone, and there’s a certain limit that everyone can take when it comes to personal fitness progression on a daily basis.

CT Fletcher, however, disagrees with this and says that it’s all a mental mindset.

What most people would call overtraining and overdo it, CT Fletcher calls another regular workout.

A day to day basis work out for that man is what most people would call overtraining.

Overtraining Advice
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People just don’t train hard enough” – CT Fletcher

It makes sense in theory. When you’re tired, your body doesn’t want to work anymore, and you stop working out.

Is that the most efficient way to achieve results, though? No kidding your body doesn’t want to work out anymore, and your mentality goes down when you’re tired, that’s because your body is only used to doing so much.

However, how can you ever improve if you don’t always push yourself past those limits? How will you improve your body’s tolerance for working out?

But I’m sore.”

Well, that sucks. Everyone gets irritated, especially when they haven’t worked out for an extended period.

Being sore is an amazing feeling, and it’s good for the body, believe it or not.

A good workout sore means that your muscles are growing and that your body is adjusting.

Overtraining Advice
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When The Results Stop Coming In

If you’ve been following this trend of overtraining, and you stop when your body becomes tired or sore, then you’ll probably notice that results stop coming in.

When you do not see any personal results, you need to look at your diet or your training routine. You can’t achieve results unless your body is being pushed past the limits that it’s used to.


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