What Does CT Fletcher think of 30 Minute Abs?

What Does CT Fletcher think of 30 Minute Abs?

CT Fletcher has to have some of the funniest internet ramblings of all time when it comes to the bodybuilding community.

Most body builders are straight forward, calm and usually, have a boring personality. CT Fletcher, however, combines the image of the Hulk with the attitude of Samuel L Jackson.

In any of his videos, you can probably hear a combination of “muthafucka” and “bullshit” quite a few times.

So it’s no surprise that he has quite a colorful opinion of 30-minute ab exercise machines and the people who use them.

Not only just the ab workouts but anything promising you results from doing 30 minutes a week worth of work.

So is he right when he calls them all BS; are they all just a rip-off and waste of time? Well duh… Think about this one for a moment.

30 Minute Abs
Image from BodyBuilders
  1. If 30 Minute workout exercises were legit and got you ripped, gyms worldwide would go under.
  2. Honestly, how many people enjoy going to the gym? If you could stay at home, do 30 minutes worth of work a day but see the results without spending $150 a month and 20 hours a week in a gym, don’t you think people would be doing that.
  3. Not only that, but people would be ripped everywhere. There’d be nothing special about being in shape with rock solid abs and 22-inch arms because if those machines worked, everyone would look like that.
  4. The companies who sold you those products would go under as well. I mean hell, what company in their right mind would sell you a product that worked the first time, especially when their target audience is lazy and desperate out of shape people?

No one would have any reason to buy their next product or other products to compliment that product.

If those machines worked, that product would be all they needed to get in shape and they’d be done with them.

So WHY to this day, are people still so in love with those machines and all of those gimmicks?

Why does CT Fletcher hate and despise the crowd of “30-minute workouts” so much?

30 Minute Abs
Image from BodyBuilders

They’re Lazy

How often have you heard someone complain that they weren’t living the life they wanted or that they wanted something?

I’m guessing you’ve heard it a lot. Now, how often have you heard that person provide a solution to their problem or tell you what they’re going to do about it? I’m guessing the answer to that would be close to never.

People don’t want solutions to a problem; they want the right to complain about a problem.

30 Minute Abs
Image from BodyBuilders

They’re Entitled

If history TV shows has showed us anything, it’s that everyone was apparently in magnificent shape by design.

Everyone firmly believes that it’s just how people looked back then and no one had to work for anything.

What this has done is, created an entitlement mindset and people think they’re owed a body like that, regardless of how bad their diet is or how lazy they are.

There’s no substitute for hard work and all of those 30 minute BS products are designed to make money for fat rich people who own those companies.

Ask the CEOs and the owners of the products to use the machines, they’ve probably never stepped foot onto one.

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