CT Fletcher vs. Powerlifter

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CT Fletcher vs. Powerlifter


With everything and person that is popular, there’s bound to be people out there that want to start trouble and people who will hate you just because of your success.

There are no exceptions to this rule, EVERYTHING that becomes popular gains enemies just because of the fact it’s popular.

Not long ago, CT Fletcher found himself on the receiving end of this.

Now, while CT Fletcher has had many anonymous enemies of discussion boards, bodybuilding videos and body building forums, this one was a very particular case.

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The individual who started the video won’t be named but he was a widely popular power lifter who decided to call out CT Fletcher and basically tell him that everything he spouts off is a lie.

Was he looking for attention? Did he just want more people to come to his channel to rack up the views? Or maybe, is it just the way of life on the internet?

Right after CT Fletcher saw this video, he immediately created a response, with badass style.

CT Fletcher’s Response To The Power Lifter

He starts off with a video acknowledging that he’s seen the video and that he was asked not to respond to it.

While he didn’t exactly take that advice well, he did play it off smartly because he refused to name off the person who had made the video in the first place.

If this guy’s plan was to rack up more views and subscribers by targeting CT Fletcher, well he made a mistake, because that didn’t exactly work. That’s how most rivalry’s work.

When one person finds they have an enemy, they share banter back and forth on the internet and keep naming each other off.

Both sides gain the same amount of attention and fans backing them up. With CT Fletcher keeping his name in the dark, that kind of leaves him at the minority.

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CT Fletcher’s Motivation – “Just do what you can do

He makes videos just to inspire minds, get people off of the couch and achieve fitness results.

He never asks for anything in return.

Do you know how hard it is (especially today) to find someone on the internet willing to give advice away that wasn’t trying to sell you some over hyped product or some marketing BS jargon?

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The Power Lifter YouTube Channel Gets Deleted

It wasn’t long after making that video, that CT Fletcher’s internet audience quickly started flagging that video and every other single video on that account.

Not long after, the entire YouTube account that started uploading those videos was removed.

The entire YouTube account that started uploading those videos was removed.

Why is that?

  • It could have been because he was promoting the use of steroids
  • It could have been his foul language (he was way worse than CT Fletcher)
  • Have been how racist/homophobic he appeared to have been in some of his videos

This is the same power lifter who appeared as the roid rager on the popular Comedy Central television show, Tosh.0.

At the end of the day, CT Fletcher handled the drama like a boss, ignored his request for attention, addressed him for the punk that he was and he became internet history with no trace of him and nothing to show for his rant.

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