CT Fletcher’s Thoughts on Overtraining

CT Fletcher’s Thoughts on Overtraining

It’s a highly debated and controversial topic among the lifting community. Overtraining is exactly what it sounds like.

The body can only handle so much exertion and so much effort put into training at one time (this is still highly debated by some).

The human body is an incredible machine designed by Mother Nature.

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Not only are we capable of pushing ourselves further than we ever thought possible, but the body can also endure a lot of physical pain as well without breaking.

CT Fletcher, however, believes that there is no such thing as too much strain or pain for the body because he doesn’t believe in the ideology of overtraining.

Some people agree with him, and some people hate him for it, but regardless, the guy can prove his results and that he knows what he’s talking about.

A lot of people commonly mistake symptoms of something else for overtraining, which is a very common mistake.

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What Is Overtraining?

When you’re doing fitness activities, your body usually has a set limit that it can handle for that particular activity.

Once you’ve reached that limit and continue to push yourself, that’s what the experts call overtraining.

Some people say that you get no benefit from overtraining because your body is trying to recover but can’t.

CT Fletcher’s View On Overtraining

Ct Fletcher has stated that overtraining isn’t a generalized idea but its individual per person.

Fletcher has stated that what most people consider overtraining; he considers just a regular workout and pushing his body to the limit.

In theory, it makes sense because if people are never pushing themselves but they quit when they get tired, they never really know their body’s physical limitations, and they’re never pushed.

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What Fletcher believes is that most people don’t experience overtraining; they just don’t train hard enough.

So while there are plenty of people out there in the lifting world who do believe in overtraining, what are the signs of overtraining?

A Loss of Motivation

Lifting to your potential requires you to be highly motivated and wanting to succeed.

Some say this isn’t exactly overtraining, but when you lose all your motivation to complete something, you won’t be much use or see much progress.

You have to keep yourself motivated to complete an objective, and that can be difficult when your body starts shutting down or you start feeling the burn.

Being Sore
Everyone feels a good burn after a thorough workout, but what happens when you start feeling that burn over your entire body, and it hurts so bad that you don’t even want to get out of bed?

Some people say that’s just your muscles tearing and recovering, but others state that this is a telltale sign of overtraining and that your body isn’t going to benefit from any exercises while you’re sore.

The Results Stop Coming In

Constantly progressing is about seeing results. If you stop seeing results, then obviously you’re doing something different, or you need to look at your diet.

This is one of the most highly debated topics among the lifting community because a lot of people don’t believe that overtraining will stop you from seeing more results.

However, some people also believe that overtraining won’t allow your muscles ever to recover.

A Lack of Focus

Have you ever been so tired or so unfocused that it was hard to form a sentence or hard to do a task?

This is when you need to give something a rest, even lifting. Perhaps you need to drink more water and get more oxygen flowing into your brain, or maybe you just need some time off from something.

This may not be a sign of overtraining but rather a sign of depression or stress. Overtraining doesn’t cause stress, as this is usually caused by things going on outside the gym.


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